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We are dealers of high quality analog synths, rare classic keyboards, modular synthesizers, vintage effects, stompboxes, MIDI sound modules, tone generators, drum machines and other vintage electronic musical instruments.  We're based in the US, but do business internationally.

We buy, sell and trade  vintage gear by Akai, Aries, ARP, Buchla, Casio, Crumar, Doepfer, DK Synergy, Elka Synthex, EML Electrocomp, EMS Synthi, Emu Modular, Ensoniq, Hohner Clavinet, Kawai, Korg, Linndrum, Maplin, Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Sequential Circuits Prophet, Paia, Polyfusion, RMI, RSF Kobol, Siel, Serge Modular, Simmons, Synton, Triadex, Wavemakers, Wurlitzer 200, Voyetra, Yamaha CS80, and many more.

Most vintage synths on today's market have undisclosed and often serious problems that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair, IF you can find a qualified tech.  We're professionals - buying, meticulously testing, lovingly servicing and selling gear is our full-time business and we take it VERY seriously.  OUR gear is accurately described, which means no surprises, expensive repairs or headaches you didn't anticipate.  

Please don't gamble - buy from us and get what you paid for!  We are proud to have many happy repeat customers and can provide you with references.  And if you're selling something, let us know - we're always looking to add to our vast inventory and can help you sell your instrument quickly and easily.  Many of our customers are famous musicians, so there's a chance your instrument, once restored to its former glory, will be heard on recordings loved by millions of fans.

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Recent Arrivals: 

EMS Synthi AKS, ARP Odyssey, Oberheim OBX with MIDI, Memorymoog Plus with DBM MIDI, Yamaha KX5, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Pro-One, Six-trak, Univox Maxikorg, Minimoog, Wurlitzer 200, Hohner D6 Clavinet, Roland Jupiter-8, Juno-106, Juno-60, Korg PS-3100, VC-10 Vocoder, ARP 2600, Linndrum, etc...


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We love vintage modular synths.  Here are just a couple of the many  we've repaired and sold to happy customers. ARP 2500 Model 2002 Synth.  Moog Modular Series 1P.  Serge Modular Music Systems.   We buy , sell and trade Moog modular synths like Moog IIIP, Moog System 55, IIIC, Roland System 700, 100M, Buchla Electric Music Box, EMS VCS3, Steiner-Parker Synthacon and Synthasystem, etc...

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