Rare Vintage Analog Sequencer / Synthesizer





This is probably the most sought after vintage analog string synth, famous for its beautiful warm string sounds. Its a simple machine, but it sounds incredible! It was used on countless songs from the 70s and has become extremely popular again in recent years when people realized how much cooler warm analog synthetic strings sound than stale sample playback sounds. :)  There are 4 string sounds which can be played solo or combined, 2 bass options and an amazing ensemble effect which words cannot describe. Trust me on this one, if you love synth strings, you cant dislike this one. Most respectable 70s bands with a string synth had one of these.


Our items are as described, which means no typical surprise post-sale repair bills or serious flaws typical of most vintage gear deals! 

This ARP String Ensemble has been thoroughly tested and is working well.  
There is a slight crackle in the instrument select buttons as they're being selected but once selected there's no crackle. All keys of all instrument sounds were tested and are working well. Cosmetics definitely could be better.  This synth was stored for a long time in a road case and the foam stuck to it. This is quite common with vintage synths in vintage cases, unfortunately. In this particular case, a previous owner did a bad job trying to remove the foam. On the left wooden side, he appears to have scratched the wood in his efforts (unless the scratches were from something else) and on the right side, he appears to have used a strong solvent that lightened the color of the surface. There is also a fair amount of foam left on this side. The back also has foam residue. The front surfaces are relatively clean. We have not attempted to remove any of the remaining foam as we'd rather leave this up to the buyer. The right solvent should clean things up pretty well, and some finish may greatly improve the appearance of the lightened side. The small plastic window normally found around the power light on the front panel is missing though the power switch and light are still fully functional. 1 of the original knob caps is missing, which is purely cosmetic and doesn't effect function. There is significant wear around 2 of the 4 faders - the paint there is chipped. The paint in other spots on the front panel is bubbled up and could flake off. While this instrument isn't too pretty, it IS functioning well and does sound amazing, like String Ensembles do. We feel that, with some time and effort, cosmetics of this unit could be greatly improved. If this unit fails to sell in its current condition, we will probably clean it up ourselves once time allows and raise the price. We would have done this if we weren't so overworked at the moment. Only 1 of the 4 original rubber feet remain so you (or we if we find the time to order replacements) should remove it and put new ones there. There's also a mysterious hole under output 2. It looks like they may have drilled too wide a hole at the factory, put the sticker over it and perhaps the sticker got punctured later on - we're not sure. The right wooden panel appears to have cracked off at the tip and been reglued, as can be seen in the photos.  So, to sum it up, this one could look better but it does work and sound great.  This may be a good candidate for someone who wants to gig with an SEiv since it's already got imperfections.  

Donít let our overly critical descriptions discourage you, check out the detailed photos above!




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