THE Classic Vintage Monophonic Analog Synth 

- Excellent condition!
- Fully serviced / cleaned and working perfectly!
- Serial number (68xx) 








The Minimoog and the ARP 2600 are THE vintage synths to own (yes, we have a 2600 available too) :). Best known for its beefy bass and funky lead lines, the Mini-moog can generate lots of other analog sounds - from musical to sound effects. The Mini has such a smooth, fat and powerful sound that nearly every modern virtual analog synth tries to sound like it. This Minimoog we're offering here and now is the real deal. A VINTAGE Minimoog which will only go up in value, unlike some new piece of gear which will only drop in price once the new improved version comes out. Anyway, the Minimoog is probably the most revolutionary and popular synthesizer of all time. Its sweet sound can be heard all over music from the 70s to today. The most notable Mini users in my book are: Kraftwerk, Parliament / P-Funk (and lots of Dr. Dre productions), Depeche Mode, Keith Emerson, Devo, Vince Clarke, Bernie Worrell, Steve Winwood, Jan Hammer, David Frank, Geoff Downes, Gary Wright, Herbie Hancock, Gary Numan, Rick Wakeman, etc.... I could go on and on and on. Frankly, almost all of the synth players of the 70s used at least one of these and most of the players since then who love analog synths have a Mini around as well. If you need a vintage synth, dont mess around - just buy this Mini and be done with it. (Well, vintage synths are a hard habit to shake, so once youre happy with this Mini, let me know and I will hook you up with some other choice vintage gear) :)


Our items are as described, which means no typical surprise post-sale repair bills or serious flaws typical of most vintage gear deals! 

This Minimoog serial number is in the 6800s.  It's in BEAUTIFUL condition and has had a full servicing, so this is a rare opportunity to buy a vintage Minimoog that shouldn't need expensive post-sale servicing.  It's been tested thoroughly and is in excellent working condition.

This unit was fully disassembled and cleaned inside and out.  Well, except for the key bed (under the keys) as there was no need to go there (see below).  Keyboard contacts were cleaned and this keyboard is performing perfectly - no spastic pitch craziness or re-triggering here.  All pots function well, are free of crackle and move smoothly.  This unit has been tested and played over a long period of time.  It  works great and is a real pleasure to play.  We'll be sad to see this one go, but we've got other Minimoogs to keep us company. :)  The keyboard feels good  Unlike some other vintage keyboards we've seen, this ones rubber bushings were in good shape when we got it so we didn't see the need to replace them.  All keys are level.  

Cosmetics are excellent.  There are a few very minor / typical imperfections but nothing worth mentioning in detail. See the photos.  There's a small crack in the right side of the wooden piece above front panel.  This should be easy to fix if you care to fix it and know what you're doing.  

This Mini Moog should make anyone looking for a used minimoog extremely happy.  Buy it now before someone else does!  



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