Vintage Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer 

- NOT your ordinary Polymoog!  
- Serviced / Works Great
- In Gorgeous / Exceptional Condition
- Includes Polypedal, Pedal Flight Case & Legs






This Poly Moog is labelled Keyboard but is actually the full Polymoog Synthesizer, which allows access to all parameters. †I believe all Polymoogs were called "Keyboard" until the limited preset-only version came out, after which the ones with the full control panel like this one were called Synthesizers and the preset ones were called Keyboards. †Ive had my hands on hundreds of vintage†synthesizers - most models, in fact. †Still,†I really love this synth. †Its got an extremely warm sound which sounds like nothing else, in my opinion. †I feel its one of the best polyphonic analog synths out there. †Its great for warm analog sounds. I use it most to play chords - warm strings, deep pads, synth brass, etc. †Its got 2 oscillators per note and wave shaping capability, vibrato, a beautiful resonant multimode filter and more. †The additional built in resonator section provides excellent control over the tonal quality of its sounds. This synth cost a small fortune when it came out and has been used by quite a few famou$ synth players. †My favorite recordings featuring the Polymoog(s) are by Gary Numan and Kraftwerk, but it has also reportedly been used by Blondie, Keith Emerson, Larry Fast, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Jan Hammer, Prince, Klaus Schulze, Rick Wakeman and others.


Our items are as described, which means no typical surprise post-sale repair bills or serious flaws typical of most vintage gear deals! 

 This Polymoog's in beautiful condition. There are a few minor scratches and imperfections but overall condition is gorgeous. See the detailed photos. This unit's been lovingly serviced and thoroughly tested over an extended period and is working/sounding great!  The power supply was recapped (see the detailed photo so you know this was done by a pro).  One of the LEDs was replaced with a new one which is brighter than the others. One of the colorful fader knobs is slightly chipped but fully functional. Otherwise, everything seems to be perfect.  This sale includes the Polymoog, legs and Polypedal controller with flight case. The Polypedal was an optional accessory which originally came with our preset-only Polymoog Keyboard, but we decided to include it with this unit instead. The Polypedal is in very nice shape too. The flight case for the Polypedal has seen better days, but it's still functional.  

This Polymoog should make anyone anyone looking for a used Polymoog Synthesizer very happy!

Donít let our overly critical descriptions discourage you, check out the photos above!



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