MUTRON BIPHASE # 1 for sale
- Classic 1970's Phase Shifter / Phaser Effect Pedal
- Dual Phasers for Deep Phasing Effects!
- With Foot Switch, Original Box, Patch Templates & Manual!




If you're reading this you probably know that the Mu-Tron Biphase is one of the coolest phasers around.  It's 2 phasers in one, and you can chain them in parallel or in series.  It's got 2 ins and 2 outs.  Each phaser has its own sweep generator or LFO (low frequency oscillator) responsible for automatic phase sweeping.  The feedback gives you a nice juicy resonance effect that made Mutron Phasers famous.  You can sweep both phasers by sweep generator #1 or sweep them each from their own generator for complex sweeping.  This is great for spacy, morphing sounds.  Switch between sine wave and square wave LFO for variety.  You get the idea... Used by lots of guitarists and electric piano and vintage synth players in the 70s and 80s, this effect can be used on just about anything, with interesting results.  Even if you're not trying to recapture that vintage sound, consider this unit if you're looking for a really good phaser.  It's got much more character than any modern phaser we've heard.


Our items are as described, which means no typical surprise post-sale repair bills or serious flaws typical of most vintage gear deals! 

By Musitronics Corporation in Rosemont, NJ. There are a few scratches here and there and a few other imperfections but overall this units in really nice shape for a used item of its type and age. It's been well tested and is working and sounding great. One screw is missing from the front bottom and you may notice in the photos that 1 screw in the back is sticking out a little - we didn't have the right screw driver to fix this when taking the photos and didn't want to strip it. Sale includes Bi-Phase, dual phasor switch pedal, 3 sound charts - super phaser, 3 speed shaping and stereo phasing- instruction manual. The dual switch pedal connector has a rubber sleeve around it that looks like it's melted a little on 1 side - seems like the work of a soldering iron to us (not our doing!!). This is purely cosmetic - the cable still functions perfectly.  This Biphase should make one lucky buyer very happy.

Donít let our overly critical descriptions discourage you, check out the photos above!




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