Rare Vintage Electronic Voice Effect




This classic vocoder is out favorite - its very clear and has some great built in features, like its own noise source and oscillator, volume to pitch tracking and slew rate.  If you want clarity and amazing sound in a vocoder, this is the vocoder for you.


Our items are as described, which means no typical surprise post-sale repair bills or serious flaws typical of most vintage gear deals! 

We recently took this Vocoder 2000 in in trade.  Our poor gear junky customer who traded it in didn't realize what he was giving up - only the best sounding vocoder ever (in our opinion).  Or maybe he did know.  He's since been committed for chronic GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).  His loss can be your gain! :) 

This Vocoder-2000 is in great working order and sounds amazing.  This unit has been modified to include 3 XLR in jacks on the back and has 3 additional transformers mounted to the top of the unit.  There's a 240 / 115 volt switch on the back, so this unit can be used without an external transformer in countries where these voltages are used, like the UK, US, etc... The plug fits a standard US outlet.  Due to a lack of time and the disappearance of our XLR cables, the jacks on the back were not tested though we see no reason for them not to work - if you're serious about purchasing this unit, remind us to test them prior to accepting your payment and we will be happy to do so.  The 3 position output select rotary switch can be a little touchy / crackly but once centered it works perfectly.  If this is a deal-breaker for you let us know and we can look into it further if time allows.

Cosmetics are very good for a used item of its type and age.  As with most used items, there are some typical / minor imperfections not worth mentioning in detail.  The front right side of the chassis lifts up easily for some reason, but the rest of the cover stays shut ok.  

We feel this vintage EMS 2000 will make the next owner very happy!

Donít let our overly critical descriptions discourage you, check out the detailed photos above!


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